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Prosperity Doctor: Quantum Medicine - Self Care with Food Therapy

Take Charge of Your Health. Leave the Disease with the doctor. Together we can transform your health or recover it with Self Care Health Care.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
~ Hippocrates
Western Medicine is the science of Health Care.
Chinese Medicine is the art of Prevention.
Quantum Medicine is the science of Self Care.
~Saquina Akanni
What is self care?
Self Care is Health Care.

Health Is Your Greatest Asset
Self Care can assist you in restoring, repairing or simply maintaining YOUR most valued Asset from weight loss to the Fatal Five Lifestyle Diseases. We address the five major systems Liver/Gallbladder, Heart/Small Intestines, Spleen/Stomach, Lung/Large Intestines and Kidney/Urinary Bladder.
Health, Wealth and Prosperity in 2011
Health is a state of being.
Wealth is a state of potential.
Prosperity is a state of mind and potential.
The Prosperity Doctor:
Food for Thought from Traditional Chinese Medicine:
Everything is energy or Qi/Chi and Food is the foundation medicine.
Citrus fruits like lemon or tangerine are the cleansing food in nature.
Green leafy vegetables like bok choy are the repair foods.
Millet, yams are carbohydrates and are fuel foods.
Shitake mushroom and tofu are building foods.
Add supplements:
Food supplements are of extreme value to maintain health, repair and activate the natural regeneration process. Today most of our foods are processed, from concentrates, reconstructed, reconstituted (not foods any more they are now chemicals) and all types of additives, preservatives not to mention the refined sugar, fructose or chemical sugar substitutes. The body requires whole food to cleanse, balance and repair itself. What can we do?
Food Therapy to Feng Shui our bodies.
Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement and design used to bring balance, harmony and enhance the Qi or energy flow in living environments. We can do the same for our bodies.

Start with Water

Start with alkaline water with Zero Energy infusion

Water is the most important factor to keep us alive and maintain our health. It is important to be aware of the types of water we drink and the benefits they provide or the danger they cause. 90% of the American adult population is eating unhealthy chemical infested, saturated fats and failing to exercise on a daily basis. Safeguarding our health is our responsibility. Self Care is Health Care.

Dis-ease starts with dehydration and an acid body. The first sign of dehydration is cloudy mental state. Next sign is thirst then pain in the low back. Drink Alkaline water. The cells, brain, nervous system and organ systems need fluids and proper Ph balance to perform their functions properly. All the systems require fluids and an alkaline state. The options are Tap water, Bottle Water or filtering systems. Tap water has chorine a carcinogenic and sediments from the plumbing distribution system and your home or apartment building. from the the AMWater Actify produces alkaline water with a pH of over 10 and contains an abundant of OH- ions. Thus, AMWater Actify is filled with dissolved molecular oxygen and provides free electrons. These OH- ions are stable because they are bound to an alkaline mineral. Secondly, AMWater Actify possesses all the minerals that tap water has, such as calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

Distilled water and RO water are inferior to tap water as they lack the essential minerals that water provides for our body to function. Thus, the AMWater Actify, being Alkaline, contains an abundant of OH- ions and rich minerals in ionized form. It is easily superior and easily absorbed into the cells. 90 % of bottle waters are acidic and cause more harm than benefit. Drink Alkaline water. Rehydrate your cells, brain, nervous system and your body.

Amega Global Wand - Wand everything with zero point energy infusion

Everything is energy. Qi (Chi pronounced Chi) is energy, consciousness, information, frequency, vibration and power. Qi or energy is what allows everything to move and guides everything in the universe. Qi or energy guides the flow of blood and fluids for the body to nourish and repair itself. If there is an obstruction, blockage or stagnation of Qi or energy, this is the the foundation of dis-harmony causing illness and disease. Qi or energy must flow. We use Zero Point Energy technology to clear stagnation, unblock Qi and restore energy flow.

Here is our Premium Select Foods for Fountain of Youth Food Therapy:

AMGeneX our "Superfoods" supplements from Quantum Medicine. AmGeneX is the world's first Epigenetic product, a nutritional-based scientific term from Quantum Physic, thus Quantum Medicine Self Care. This "Superfood" is Zero Energy infused to increase the interaction of food compounds with the DNA inside the body's cells.

Xango mangosteen juice is the foundation in the Fountain of Youth Program. Xango brand mangosteen juice supplement is a whole food puree and our cleansing and DETOX King food herb in our Food Therapy formula. This brand of mangosteen juice is the Best of the mangosteen juices. It "scrubs" phlegm out of the system with the power of Xanthones. Mangosteen juice is just a cleansing fruit, without the power of the pericarp, which is where the Xangthones are in the Queen of Fruits. Make no mistake are mangosteen juices are not the same!

Traditions of Tao Superior food grade herbs and vegetables and are the foundation of our Food Therapy formula. It includes Five Elements and High Performance to re-energize as well as cleanses, nourishes, repairs and regenerates with whole foods.
Kombucha is a Assistant herb, an organic raw kombucha with viable active enzymes and Probiotics to flush toxic waste down the toilet. It assists our Xango in the formula to cleanse, balance, rejuvenate and revitalize.
Resveratrol is a supplement from grape skin for repair and regeneration. We use Salu International brand because it is organic, and made from a Chinese herb, which is potent, powerful and stronger than wine resveratrol. Hu Zhang is powerful and affordable herb known as Japanese Knotweed.
Traditions of Tao High Performance are Superior food grade herbs, rice, yams and seeds which are carbohydrates and fuel foods.
Eleviv is our #1 choice to Calm the Shen and anti-stress formula. Eleviv supplement is for the heart and kidney relationship. It out performs all other herbs and supplements we have tired. Eleviv is our #1 choice for stress relief, enhanced clarity, vitality and vigor.
MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) is an organic source of sulfur found in organic fruits and mother's milk. MSM is our #1 choice to replace the moister the cellular level for cells, skin and hair.
Listen to Dr. Li...
WE CAN USE SELF CARE and Use Food therapy for Self Care
Your Health, Wealth and Prosperity

Saquina Akanni
The Prosperity Doctor

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