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Food Therapy - TOT Traditions of Tao Family Store

Five Elements and High Performance are the foundation of our Food Therapy

Featuring XR my latest custom made formula with Xango infused with Zero Point Energy Infusion technology from Amega Global, Five Elements, High Performance, Good Belly Probiotics, Live Kombucha, Liquid Vitamins, Superfoods, Resveratrol Blend,Lemon Juice and Tiny Peel = XANGOaide Reserve
Made with Love

Food Therapy start with ENERGY HEALING
Use our Traditions of Tao Tonic Oil

TOT Tonic is Oil is Acupuncture in a Bottle
Tonic Oil is our #1 Miracle Oil
Food Therapy in a Bottle!
Use our food grade Tonic Oil an essence oil for circulation Qi/Chi and blood, put a few drops on gums, over your heart, on your stomach, joints, back and knees, in your tea, ears or bath. WARNING! Ask me before putting it over your eyes!

TOT Tonic is Oil is Acupuncture in a Bottle
Mild enough for Baby and strong enough Mom's Pain!
Use a small amount in baby's ear to prevent ear infections.
Put a small amount on baby's stomach and back for circulation.

Use for Post postpartum - mom's aches and pains.
Use for dad's aching joints, knees, headaches and to stimulate hair growth or prevent hair loss.

Mild enough for Baby and strong enough to stop Senior PAIN too!
(8 oz and 2 oz)

TONIC OIL Food Therapy!

We use the Tonic Oil for just about everything. I discovered many uses for the Tonic Oil during my clinic internship. Some patients would feel relief from pain after I massaged the Tonic Oil on the painful areas, before I inserted the needles. Hence, Acupuncture in a Bottle! The Tonic Oil is a "superior food grade" oil and is also great for burns. It cools and prevents blistering, if used immediately after the burn. I have been telling my miracle Tonic Oil story to friends, family and anyone who was interested.

Wood Lock Oil (1.7 oz)
Got Severe aches and pain?
Try Wood Lock Oil (1.7 oz)
External Use Only - $16.95
We use use this oil for severe pain.
This a strong medicinal grade oil.
Used in martial arts for pain.

You will wonder how you lived without it.
(Not for children)

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH PAK - The Five Elements and High Performance is the foundation for my Fountain of Youth Foods and Exercise 6 Weeks system. See the details - click on the link. Order Fountain of Youth from Family Store right here. Fountain of Youth Pak Only $114.95!

The PRIME PAK or Tune Up Kit - Order here only $149.00
Tune Up Kit Includes:
1) Five Elements

High Performance
Tonic Oil
4) Regenerating Cream

Ancient Treasures Tea

Curing Pill Digestive
In Our Family Store create your own Prime Pak Tune Up Kit at Wholesale. We even added Xango and Eleviv to our product line for your self-care health program. Note Frosties are discontinued. Added Chinese Digestives:D

Need a digestive? TRY CURING PILL
Aids in Digestions, calms and settles the Stomach, Headaches too.
Use as a Prevention. Take right after eating cheese, meat, beans and dairy or greasy foods. Mild.
Order your digestive today.

The PRIME PAK or Tune Up Kit
is FOOD THERAPY - $149

Prime Pak - The Tune-Up Kit $149.95 Family Discount
1) Five Elements - The Repair and Regenerate Food - Powder or Capsules 180 ct
2) High Performance - the Energy and Fuel Food - Powder or Capsules 180 ct
Regenerating Cream 2 oz - Nourish and Repair Skin Food
4) Tonic Oil - Miracle - Acupuncture in a bottle 2 oz
5) Ancient Treasures Tea - Three teas in one tea bag Qi/Cleans the Liver, Shen/Calm the Spirit and Jing/Balances the Hormonal system 30 ct
I've also added other Fountain of Youth FIVE ELEMENT Products form XANGO
1) Xango - The Wood Element - Clean Toxic Waste for Liver and Gallbladder
or XR Xangoaide Resvere (my custom made blend just for your health)

Add Dr. Mao's Liquid Vitamins

Add our Best Chinese Herb Digestives:
1) Curing Pill - Mild use for Prevention
2) Bao He Wan - Strong for Stomachache
3 Po Chai - Strong for Severe Pain

More Details?
Traditions of Tao is the brand of The Five Elements Superior
Food Grade Herbs
We are a part of the original distributors from the 1990 MLM Company. Remember the "Sisters"? One went on to Traditional Chinese Medical School.We also showcased them at Health events and the Black Business Expo 1990 through 1995 and again 2008.

Traditions of Tao is the foundation of my Fountain of Youth System.
Fountain of Youth Foods and Exercise

Whole Food Liquid Vitamins
Highly bio-absorbable liquid whole food vitamin formula made with organic ingredients and personally endorsed by Dr. Maoshing Ni. A perfect vegetarian dietary supplement for you and your kids; stir it into any juice or your morning smoothie.

A veggie, fruit, vitamin, amino acid, antioxidant and mineral blend containing organic noni juice, and organic aloe vera. Lightly flavored with natural organic raspberry and cranberry extract, then gently enhanced with agave nectar and a hint of stevia.

Dosage: 1-2 Tbsp. per day
Children: ½ to ¼ adult dosage
32 fl. oz. Shipping Weight:
5.00 pounds

The Superior Food Grade Herbs are for
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water
Liver/Gallbladder, Heart/Small Intestines, Spleen/Stomach, Lungs
The cleanse, balance, repair and regenerate all five organ systems at the cellular level.
WOOD: the Liver and Gallbladder System
FIRE: the Heart, Cardio-Vascular and Small Intestine System
EARTH: the Spleen, Stomach and Digestive System.
METAL: the Lungs, Large Intestines, Colon and Immune System.
WATER: the Kidney, Urinary Bladder and Hormonal System.

Regenerating Cream


Featuring the TONIC OIL - for Circulation Qi/Chi and blood
Acupuncture in a Bottle
(8 oz and 2 oz)

Digestive formulas: Nausea, Gas, Overeating, upset stomach, indigestion
Curing Pills, 10 vials
Curing Pills are one of the most popular herbal products in China, used widely to relieve common stomach discomfort associated with overeating, weak digestion, stomach upset, nausea, gas or indigestion. This all-natural, herbal formula acts to regulate the digestion, disperse wind-cold and resolve dampness from the body. Curing Pills are a longstanding Chinese nutritional supplement which eases common digestive problems and helps restore good health. Recommended Dosage: 1-2 vials as needed, no more than 3 per day.