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Resveratrol and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Hu Zhang Resveratrol

Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing - Food Therapy
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
-Hippocrates, (The father of modern medicine)

Hu Zhang or Japanese Knotwood is Resveratrol

The Lost History of the Modern Anti-Aging Breakthrough of Resveratrol is Hu Zhang - Japanese Knotweed.

There is a fountain of youth and it is found in whole foods, hence food therapy. We use Chinese superior whole food herbs, kombucha and Western formulated resveratrol blend to cleanse, balance, repair, rejuvenate and regenerate your body systems. In Traditional Chinese Medicine food is the therapy and we alway use food as a medicine, however Western Medical researchers first observed the benefits of food as a therapy recently and coined the phrase "French Paradox" to describe the lower incidence of heart disease and cholesterol hidden somewhere in the French diet, even in the presence of a high fat diet in the Mediterranean population, popularizing the Mediterranean Diet. The resveratrol in red wine was identified as the source of the anti-aging effect, the cholesterol and heart disease lowering effects.

The answer to the so-called "French paradox" may be found in red wine. More specifically, it may reside in small doses of resveratrol, a natural constituent of grapes, pomegranates, red wine and other foods, according to a new study by an international team of researchers. - Science Daily

The specific constituent ingredient of red wine has been identified as the key ingredient that produces these amazing health and longevity benefits is the potent molecule called "trans-resveratrol" (more commonly, "resveratrol"), and is being aggressively researched as a potential treatment for a variety of chronic and deadly diseases.

The benefits of resveratrol antioxidant and longevity claims have now been well documented, but the forgotten relationship of resveratrol to a Chinese herb known as "Hu Zhang" is practically unknown. Hu Zhang translates as "Tiger Cane". It has many names and in Traditional Chinese Medicine it is known as Japanese knotweed and has been used safely for over 1,500 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Zhang or Japanese Knotwood is extraordinarily potent (and completely natural) source of resveratrol is documented in the Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica. Hu Zhang Radix ety Rhizoma Polygoni Cuspidati has alternative names as Da Chang Zhang and Ku Zhang in Japanese medicine and indicates that it invigorates the blood, dispels stasis, unblocks the channels, clears heat, discharges toxins and stops pain. These observations resonate quite closely with the observed "French Paradox" for; preventing heart disease (by invigorating the flow of blood), and cholesterol (by unblocks the channels and dispelng stasis or stagnation as well as many of the other exciting health benefits that resveratrol provides. Hu Zhang is the resveratrol in it's highest quality in Salu International Resveratrol Blend.

Dr. William Li includes the food in my Fountain of Youth System in his lecture: bok choy, shatake mushrooms and resveratrol on antiangogenic foods:

Listen to Dr. Li explain this new technology in food therapy.



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