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When asked, "Where do I start to recover my health, loss weight or start the transformation process for better health?"

My reply, "Use Food Therapy
Clean up your filtering system first by removing inflammation and toxic waste from your Lymphatic System. That takes a change in your diet - we Go Green, add supplements and move more to increase circulation. How? I educate you on What to Buy and How to Shop."

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine fresh fruits are the cleansing food in nature. Green foods like leafy vegetables, kale, spinach as well as broccoli are the repair food in nature. Colored foods like yams and whole-grain brown rice are fuel foods in nature. Legumes, specifically lentils and beans provide an excellent source of plant base protein and avocado gets an honorable mention.

When asked, "What should I buy to get the most out of my nutrition dollar?"
Add Five Elements and High Performance to your diet, and drink XanGo."

1. We start with XANGO

According to Chinese Medicine Xango is Food for the Soul

Why start with XANGO®? XANGO® Juice is the original real food mangosteen juice with the power of xanthones. XANGO® brand combines the whole fruit to make the puree: the paricarp (internal structure), seeds and the center flesh of the fruit. 

FOOD for THOUGHT: Read the labels of all foods. Check other brands of mangosteen juice. They do not use the whole fruit. Many are made from concentrate. Other are labeled reconstituted or reconstructed. What does that mean? It means that the juice no longer a whole food. So now they call it a Drink not a Juice, because it contains isolated parts of a juice. If it is reconstructed even worst, it is no longer a food. It is a chemical!

2. Go Green with TREVO - 174 Nutrients in One Bottle

3. add Five Elements Custom Blend with herbs, greens and protein.

Traditions of Tao 
Five Elements and High Performance is the perfect food. This whole food combination will supplement any diet to ensure intense nutrition. These two whole food formula's provide over 50 different superior foods and herbs formulated to cleanse, nourish, balance, repair and regenerate the body. Our bodies have the innate capacity to repair itself given proper nutrition. The body speaks to you and let's you know what it needs. You only have to listen.

XANGO® and TREVO Tune-Up Kit
1) One Bottle of Xango - Detox and Cleanse
2) One Bottle of TREVO - Revive and Rejuvenate the body
3) One Five Elements - Repair and Regenerate - Powder plus High Performance for Energy our Fuel Food - Powder or Capsules
4) Tonic Oil - Acupuncture in a bottle 2 oz  and 8 oz Sizes are still available.

4. add Acupuncture in a Bottle to Increase Circulation

Tonic Oil - Acupuncture in a bottle is the new  4 oz size. The original Traditions of Tao Tonic oil is still available in a new bottle. This is a food grade oil safe enough for the entire family. Strong for pain, cramps and spasms. Great for sports injuries. Mild for children hurts, cuts, burns or bruises. Mild enough for baby teething gums, ear aches and back rubs. Safe for pets too! Massage on horse, dog or cat back or legs.

5. Drink Alkaline water - add o2 Drops to oxygenate the water

THIRSTY? Drink Alkaline Water (water with minerals - if a fish can't live in it, than your organs can't live with it.) Add o2 Drops to increase the OXYGEN in the water which benefits the mind, body and emotions. This product is also safe for direct intake (put 5 -10 drops under your tongue and hold it. Then drink alkaline water. Great as a eye drop, skin repair and open sores. A little MIRACLE in a bottle


Why start with XANGO® Juice?

XANGO® is unique and different than all the superfood drinks on the market. XANGO® address heart of many health problems - inflammation. Yes, inflammation is the number one cause of many diseases, such as High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Heart Attack and Diabetes. XANGO® also cleanses the Liver and Gallbladder system - our natural filtering system. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Soul is housed in the Liver; therefore, XANGO® is Food for the Soul and helps calm stress.

XANGO® brand mangosteen juice is
a whole food puree that benefits the entire body. This whole food formula aids in
removing inflammation and toxic waste from the body. The f
ruit is the cleansing food in nature. Mangosteen is the entire fruit and considered the Queen of Fruits with the power of over 40 different Xanthones from the paricarp. 

Because  Xango mangosteen juice puree is the whole fruit, even people with Diabetes can drink it. It also helps balance, nourish and increase circulation to deliver nutrients to the entire body including the brain. Cleansing and nourishing allows XANGO® to provide more nutrients to support body functions which also improve optimal neural messaging -XANGO® is therefore an excellent BRAIN FOOD! 

XANGO® brand juice:
·     Whole food for complete dietary  supplement
·   Addresses inflammation and toxic waste
·  More real food nutrients nourishing the brain

When asked by clients, "What can I buy to make sure my children are getting the nourishment they need at school, at games and on the road? My reply is  XANGO® Juice.

Drink Genius Juice
This unique juice enables the genius in all of us!XANGO® Juice is Food Therapy for children, teens, adults and seniors. Seniors more than ever as we are Baby Boomers - Forever Young. We are aware, alert, active and experiencing the joy of life more than ever!

Xango is Brain Food and perfect for students of any age, from pre-school to seniors, who want more performance from the brain. 

Perfect for children of all ages. 

My grandson Little Einstein Jabril loves it,
becausit tastes great.

BONUS: Addresses many health issues too! Drink Genius Juice. Order XANGO. Jabril favorite is XANGO® Singles

Experience Food for the SoulFuel the brain with the powerful antioxidant properties from dozens of different xanthones.

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