DISCOVER WHAT IS MISSING. Know What's Working, What's Not Working and What's Missing to Create Permanent Change and Transform Your Life.

FOOD THERAPY - Fit for Life Healthy Forever Young

Fountain of Youth is in our Foods
Fit for Life starts with our Mind
Health is Our Greatest Asset

When asked, "How is your health?"

Reply, Excellent!

When you are in a state of honor, respect, self-discipline, courage and the pursuit of Excellence, your health, mind, body and spirit reflects it.
~ Saquina Akanni
Prosperity Doctor

Go Green - Get Fit for Life - Love Your Life
Change Your Mind - Rethink Your Diet 
Change Your Lifestyle - Your Health will Change
Eat Whole Live Foods - Reclaim your health
Take Charge of Your Health - Retrain your brain

You Can Transform  and Recover Your Health 
Greens - Eat Leafy Veggies = Repair Foods
Browns - Eat Brown Carbs = Fuel the Body
Fresh Fruit - Eat 3 Per Day = Cleanses the Body
Alkaline Water - Flushes Waste = Flush Kidneys

I Guaranteed Results!
1. First, You will receive a FREE 1 Hour Consultation
2. Next, a FREE Health Evaluation including pH Balance
3. Then, a Strategy, Plan and Process to Reclaim your HEALTH to be Fit 4 Life
Together we can transform your Health and Retrain YOUR Brain.

Be Fit 4 Life Uses FOOD THERAPY
Learn how to select and eat Real WHOLE Foods and choose supplements. Learn YOUR Axiological Reference and DNA food allergies.
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Get Fit 4 Life Promise!

Food for Thought - OUR SYSTEM IS UNIQUIE

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine everything is energy or Qi/Chi, age is just a number and YOU can CHANGE and TRANSFORM your HEALTH and LIFE with proper knowledge, education, diet, and coaching.

We address your axiological reference, your Five Element Archetype and your Vital Life Force - Qi/Chi (Chee: consciousness, energy, frequency, vibration, information and power) in your FREE CONSULTATION. This is the foundation of our Fit 4 Life Self-care Health Self-Care System.

#1 - Video - Food Therapy by Dr. William Li on TED

Dr. Li gives the latest discoveries and benefits of Food Therapy

William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.

1. Get Informed on what is killing you in your diet
2. Shrink one size if over-weight
3. Recover Your Health and Get Fit 4 Life with clarity of thought a BONUS!
In Just 6 Weeks You can Recover Your Health and Take Control of Your Life
- We use Integrative Medicine
- We use Chinese Medicine
- We use Quantum Medicine
- We use Transformation Technologies for RESULTS!
- Fit 4 life FOOD Therapy -  Simple Quick and Easy

FREE CONSULTATION to get you started...
1) Kick off your program with Xango 
2) Add TREVO Go Green with 174 Supplements 
3) Juice your GREENS and eat your FRUIT
4) Drink Alkaline Water

Trevo replaces my XR Reserve Cocktail
Remember my custom blend formula with Xango as the foundation and a blend of greens, herbs and vitamins? TREVO has done all the work for me with a far superior proprietary blend of 174 whole food infused with Superfoods, Greens, Herbs, Fruit and more.

Made with Love

Take Charge of Your Health

Fit 4 Life Food Therapy
Fountain of Youth Foods
Rethink Your Drink 
Add Kombucha for the Stomach
Rethink Your Diet
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Want Some SHOCKING Details?

Are we killing ourselves and our children?

View this video could save your health and your life!
#2 - Short Video - Discovery on the American Diet
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
~ Hippocrates

Leave the Disease with the Doctor 
Western Medicine is the science of Health Care.
Chinese Medicine is the art of Prevention.
Quantum Medicine is the science of Self Care.
~Saquina Akanni

"Health is Your Greatest Asset.
Wealth is Your Choice. 
Prosperity is Your Destiny."

 ~ Saquina Akanni
The Prosperity Doctor